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Hi to all

Came a cross this forum for the GSX 1000 bikes in time i considered a new bike, and found useable on the discisson on the GSX-S

The GSX is replacing an GSXR 1000 K7, which i loved fore the performance, the handling, the look, the sound in few words 1 **** of a perfect bike, but due to some damages on shoulder and back it began to get a rough ride :)

I have had the bike 3 weeks and the love is getting bigger and bigger, it looks like a long term relation, mileage is now 1200 km mixed riding, first time on a street/naked bike for me and the only thing i miss from the sport bikes is high speed transport when needed for moving to the curved roads ;)

I have chosen the grey version, and love the "silent" colour, until now just a few changes have been done, mayor change will power commander and custom map next week, i do some helping drive for cycle riders and need the smooth respons for that, and of course the better respons when playing

My driving is all kind of driving, but not yet old enough for a allround bike ;)

Name is Michael, but called Grauballe in daily life
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