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My mods and upgrades

So I picked up my new blue F at the start of March and over the subsequent 2 months spent a couple of quid on it you do.
Here's the list
Pyramid plastics front mudguard extension
R&G rad guard
EBC HH front pads
G2 Throttle tamer
Bagster tank cover(black)
Osram Nightbreaker headlight bulbs
HM Super Lite quickshifter
Givi touring screen(I found it too tall so cut it virtually in half. Sounds drastic but in my opinion it looks really good and offers more protection than the standard screen)
GSR 750 mirrors(I simply prefer the look of them and found a pair in a breakers. I think they are very similar if not the same as found on the unfaired version of our bike)
I've also softened the suspension up all round( at least that was free)
Nothing ground breaking here but for me and the way I ride I found I made a very good bike just a bit better and enjoyed personalising it.
All the best and safe riding.
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