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The GSXS1000 has very low insurance rates and seems to be owned by older riders. It's also a relatively cheap motorcycle, has ABS/TC (there's your insurance rates halved right there), yet has an aluminum frame and swingarm. In my opinion it rides like a "fat" 600 inline four bike. For me personally, the GSXS1000 series are all a tad too heavy, making a tad too much power, to make good "roadsters" but as sports bikes that can do it all (commuter, sport, trackdays) in a relatively safe manner I do think the GSXS1000's are excellent.

I was looking at the CBR650R but its steel frame and very high insurance rates made me give it a pass. Maybe if a used one comes up I might buy it since I used to own the CBR600F2 back in the day.

There's also this web site that allows you to rent motorcycles.
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