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Just thought I'd show a little bit of my neighborhood. Video was taken with my cell phone backwards in a GPS case... so, not too great. I also screwed up the angle on the second video, and didn't get the mount tight enough so it shakes some.

First video is the canyon I drive though on my commute; it's not at all challenging, but the turns are mostly constant radius, far open view, and the road is very well maintained (added bonus: the cop always parks in the same spot). This one is mostly just a very beautiful ride, especially early spring and fall.

Second video is the canyon five minutes down the road from my apartment. After my turn around point the road gets much narrower, turns start to change radius quite a bit, and the surface isn't well maintained, for another several miles, but then it's smooth again. Also a very beautiful ride. Gets a fair bit of traffic, lots of hiking/camping/climbing/etc through here, and the road leads over to a nice lake with a lot of vacationing.

Edit: gah, I let YouTube stabilize the second video, got some weird distortion.
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