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When I had a Gold Wing, a lot of us made key knobs for the ignition and storage compartments. I decided to make one for the GSXS and here is what it looks like on the bike.
If anyone wants to try it, here are some suggestions for the needed parts:
the keys on the left are ILCO X241-SUZ18. Most locksmiths in my area have them in stock. They come with rectangular heads, which make them too short to work on our bikes but if you cut the head like the one on the far left it will work. I cut the blank beside it to the shape needed to insert it into the knob. The keys on the right are from eBay and they are the ones in Joe Garfield's post titled New Keys! If you remove the plastic head from those, you will have a blank that looks like the one on the far right.
The knobs in the center of the photo are Honda Gold Wing audio knobs (I had a few left over). The black ones are Honda parts and can be ordered from dealers. The package in the photo shows the part number. The chrome version below it is also a Gold Wing audio knob made by Show Chrome IIRC. The chrome looks good, but in practice it is very slippery and hard to grip. (Can make it pretty difficult to turn the key). For that reason, I normally just use the black ones. The small black knob below the ILCO keys came from Ace Hardware. I think it's a bit too small, but it will work also. Actually, you can use any knob you like.
At the top of the picture is a completed key knob I made from an old used knob and one of they eBay keys that the locksmith cut just a little bit off. I just wanted to see how it would look on the bike. I'm pleased with how it came out and I'll go ahead and use one of the good keys and a new knob to make the final product.
I'm not posting step by step instructions here because if you google GL1800 key knob, you will find several people have already done that. There are however a few tips you might find useful. First, use high strength epoxy to glue the key in the knob. Personally, I like JB Weld for this. Second, the best way I found to hold the key straight while the epoxy sets is to drill a straight 11/32 inch hole in a piece of wood and insert the key into it with just enough sticking out to go into the knob. Third, you need to have at least 2 1/4 inches or 57mm from the tip of the key to the bottom of the knob to allow enough length to put the key in the steering lock position.
I hope this wasn't too boring,


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