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Taking a page from Jason and Jasen, and getting mine in one forum. The name is a little further off, but still starts with a J!

Got my 2018 early this summer, been adding to it bit by bit when I got the time and inclination, now I figure I have enough to warrant a post!

First thing I did was the EBC HH pads, the factory OEM were on the bottom end of "just ok" (which on a 150hp* bike isn't acceptable imho), but holy cow, anyone who has a bike needs to put these pads, or something similar on! It's a 2018 model, so it has the stiffer brake lines, and with just these pads, the difference in bite, feel and confidence they give you is mind boggling! I'm sure most members here know that already, but if you don't have them yet, or pads equatable, do it ASAP!

The list after that (I'll forget something, I'm sure):
-Shogun frame sliders (use for a go pro mount too)
-Puig sport(?) Windscreen
-Barracuda Freccia, and Quadra LED signals front and back, respectively.
-Revzilla aluminium tapered handlebar. It sits about 25mm lower than stock. (I'm still kinda young, I like that crotch rocket lean!)
-Barracuda race(?) Grips
-GSX S1000 rad guard From spengineering UK
-Ermax rear hugger, and chain guard
-USB charging adapter
-OPT7(?) H4(?) LED headlight
-Ram phone Mount on the handlebar clamp

I burned through the original rear tire, responsibly, I swear! Went for Michelin Road 5 55 profile. It's a fun tire! I have the front to put on, maybe over the winter, lots life in it still, since the backs got some more mileage than the front 😉.

Same time as doing the wheel, since it was off, I did a sprocket set and a 520 conversion. -1 front, +2 back. I wanted to nullify the extra amount of the 55 profile, with juuust a little more added quickness. The **** thing feels like it wants to take off, I love it. And it's a touch more fuel efficient.

Anyways, I think that's it, and I've forgotten the proper names of a couple things... Any comments, suggestions or recommendations for future changes? Been thinking about getting new levers, shorty on the brake. Likely exhaust system, pair and set valves delete, and a Woolwich harness to tune at some point too!

See the screen, front signal and guard. Also just like how it looks in this picture...

I like this to show how small profile the signal is. But it's super bright and stands out really well when flashing.

Again the profile of the much more subtle but still crazy bright signal, on rear. And of my (amateur job wrap) with the leftover carbon print wrap on my hugger and chain guard. Leftover vinyl wrap was cheaper than paints I could find, so I gave it a go here... Oh yah! Red chain too!

I could do a picture of how I have the ram mount, or the USB adapter(just zip tied left handlebar) if anyone cares to see, although I think it's pretty much the same as a couple other users here.

And I know she's not the cleanest she's been in those pictures, it was just after a nice ride, and all I did was get rid of some bugs! She's much cleaner now, I promise!
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