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Hello! I am new to this forum, we hope you can provide as much information as possible and also get recommendations and experiences from you.
I have a GSX-S750 17/18. It's incredible, I'm super happy with the bike. But you always want to improve it a little more ...
I was thinking about improving the braking of the bike, it really brakes well but I think I could brake a little better.
I was thinking not to remove it from the original aesthetics of the bike to install the master cylinder of the Gsx-s1000. Luckily the parts are the same, the only thing you have to buy is the complete master cylinder and the brake lever.
But there is always a problem .... How would the abs system behave with a more powerful fluid pressure than that generated by the original cylinder of the motorcycle?
Obviously afterwards I will change the brake lines for some Hel and then the Pads for some more efficient than the factory ones.
From already thank you very much
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