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MO rides the 750

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and they like it nearly just as much as the FZ's

The true test for the Gixxus is the upcoming shootout with its FZ-09 nemesis and a couple others. We know the Suzuki suffers a performance disadvantage to the Yamaha, but the FZ has issues with too-soft suspension and unrefined ride modes that kept it from being our pick for 2014 Bike of the Year. So, it’s no sure-thing the Yamaha’s going to win, because we know the Suzuki is better suspended and doesn’t suffer the fueling issues of last year’s FZ; updated ECU tuning for 2015 has significantly improved the smoothness of its throttle response. But if you enjoy supporting the underdog, start waving your Suzuki banners.
2015 Suzuki GSX-S750 Second Ride Review
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Those guys who test the bikes are a joke. I have the GSX 750 and FZ 07 are closer in size and the Suzy blows it away. Put that stupid FZ09 against a GSX 1000 and see what happens.
Personally my buddy has a FZ09 and can't even keep insite when we ride hard lol.
It's not HP disadvantage it's displacement disadvantage, sure it weighs more but it stays glued to the road, a true sport rider would totally disagree with those magazines as I do.
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