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So what has been done. ?
I will include parts and where i got them upon request.

Alarm fitted

Fitted an alarm and integrated all the wiring into the loom so it looks like it came from the factory. Will not share details on an open post but PM me if you get stuck. I will even take some pictures of where i located alarm components and what alarm etc. but only by pm

Installed tail tidy

This was first on my list and quite easy to do 4 bolts and 3 wires however i took off the RHS tail faring to get access to the wires and insure it was all tidy afterwards. I did encounter one small issue that the tail tidy (the german one) left a gap that could allow water to spray up into the underside of the seat area. I resolved this by welding a small bit of metal to the kit and repainting it

Upgrade indicators to LED and install mirrors with integrated indicators.

When you upgrade the indicators to LED remember you need to either add a huge mess of resistors or replace the flasher unit. This is because the LED's don't draw enough load to make the original flasher unit flash correctly. I chose to install a variable resistance flasher unit so i could dial in the correct flashing speed when i was done and this worked perfectly.
The rear indicators were easily fitted to the tail tidy i stole the connectors from the original indicators and soldered/ heat shrink then onto the new indicators so i did not need to alter the bike loom. I also put all the wires together in some anti abrasive loom sleeving so it now looks tidyer than original.
The fist plan was to remove the front indicators but this left a huge hole. I fabricated some plates out of ali sheet metal and covered them with carbon fiber wrap. this still looked stupid so i then installed the led indicators same as the rear into the plates and it looks great.
Wiring in the mirrors was easy and i again used the anti abrasive loom sleeving so it looks like it came that way from the factory.

Headlight upgrade

I installed 2x bi zenon projectors into the headlight unit. and while i was there i also installed red demon eyes, white halo's and white led strips. I installed 3 switches in the fairing LHS

1. lights on/off
2. Demon eye on/off
3. Halo and led strips on/off

(i forgot to take pictures so will do so and upload a bit later)


This was very difficult to do i have already done about 4 of these upgrades on other bikes but the gsx-s 1000f headlight cluster was really hard to split. It come in two parts and one part overlaps the second. the glue is deep inside the plastic and also there is a small screw that holds it together right in the center this is easy to miss but you have been warned so you don't have to spend several hours trying to get it to budge only to realize this screw was the cause of your problems.

The LHS lense needed modification to allow the led wires to exit but the RHS already had enough space.

This was very tricky and it only just fits but the good news is it does fit

Wheel stickers

easy job follow the instructions take your time and do remember to use the alcohol wipes and it recommends 24h to dry before riding.
make sure you clean up all the chain lube and degrease everything before you even open the kit. this includes your hands :)
Remember to match up both sides so the gsx-s is aligned or it will look silly

carbon fiber vinyl over footpeg area to prevent scratching

I made my own vinyl carbon fiber stickers i used paper to create a template and the a craft knife to make it look perfect.

If anyone wants close ups / more details / Help just ask and i will do what i can to provide the pictures. happy to post here for everything except the alarm install that will be only via PM



waiting on tank protection
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