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New bloke

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Evening all,

I am Dave, currently riding a B-King, had 30 minutes out on the gsx and loved it. Just not sure about selling the king :crying:
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Welcome from an ex B-King rider, I sold mine last September, I still miss it.
Hey Dave, welcome...i have a constructive answer to your dilemma....keep both bikes :D
Yeh would love to but as always it's money
Welcome Dave from an ex-Gixxer-er. I'm in love with the 750... any pics of the King?
Well after another test ride today I have taken the plunge and ordered a red one ��
Yay, you know it makes sense! :) Naked or F? What sort of delivery have you been given?
Naked version, not picking up till beginning of September as need to sort stuff out first. Hopefully there will be more aftermarket bits available by then. Have got a brocks exhaust on b-king so hoping they will develop one for the gsx
I can't until they arrive in the States. I hope to get the first red 1000F I see.
1 - 9 of 9 Posts
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