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New to the board, purchased my GT this week, will pick up next week. (work gettin in the way).
Been riding for 42 yrs, mostly a Honda guy. Have owned 3 V65 Sabre's, 2 VFR's (still got one, will never part with that one), 1 Valkyrie, (gold wing custom from the 90's), Gold Wing F6B (still in the stable, hope it lasts till i'm not able to ride), and a 20 Yamaha Tracer GT that is going to be sold to make room for the new GT.
The Tracer was supposed to be my last new scoot but I never meshed with it after 5000 miles. It's a great bike, great engine, good stock toys (heated grips, quick shifter ect), handles great in the twisties after suspension upgrade (stock suspenders were terrible, unrideable 2 up) but I couldn't get the rider triangle anywhere near tolerable when I wasn't in the mountains scrachin'.
Then I saw the over, had to have one!!!
Couple of questions for the guys who have been ridin one for a while:
I'm a fairly aggressive rider and spend a lot of time 2 up, (my younger riding buddies call me "old guy fast").
Is the stock suspension up to the task 2 up? Does the shock have enough spring to deal with two not so light passengers? I have upgraded the suspension on all of my scoots now and am wondering if I'm going to have to do the same on the GT?
How intrusive is the traction control? Even at it's lowest setting the TC on the tracer would come on hard with just the slightest hint of an acceleration wheely. It was almost like hammering the rear brake hard, and then release, and then bang, back on the loud handle, then bang back on the brakes. I'm no wheely stunter, but floatin the front end coming out of a Smokey Mountain right hander is one of those things that just makes me want to do it again! and again!
Is it buzzy? Been riding Honda V4's and boxer 6's for 35 years. I know that I may be a little jaded about vibes (Wings and VFR's are legendarily smooth) but the Tracer got pretty buzzy at highway speeds.
Gettin wordy here so I'll leave it at that for now. But I will be a frequent visitor here, and looking forward to lots of good info and conversations.
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