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Hello fellow bikers
Just joined today. Trading in a 2009 CB1000R for new GSXS 1000 naked. Hope to collect first week July fingers crossed. Also own 1200GS for holidays with my good lady.
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Welcome DGBS, good move, less weight plus more power with the Suzuki and it has such an addictive soundtrack.
Thanks dekker. Yeah I'm looking forward to the change. Saw the Suzuki at NEC last year & been waiting patiently since.
Welcome !!!

and your not allowed to get yours before me ok:)
Welcome from another CB convert :) I traded my '11 CB1000R for an F in May... while waiting for delivery ened up selling the CB privately so now I'm without a bike :( hoping that my F will be delivered early July.
Thanks for the welcome. Should find out tomorrow a delivery date but will wait until July anyway as we have a new reg number from 1st July here in Ireland
Welcome DGB65.
What colour is your model?
I'll find out today. Either black & red or blue. There's a special price on first few into Ireland so depends what's available. I don't mind either but if given a choice I'll go for black & red
Welcome mate good choice. I'll have my first service soon and let me tell u the bike is great. Very satisfied with my choice. (Mine is b/r) ;)
B/R is the fastest colour and the way it sparkles in the sun is awesome.
Good luck with the colour.
Just had word colour is red & black. 1st week of July hopefully. DELIGHTED
Welcome dude, i'm waiting on delivery of B&R with abs. another couple of months and we'll all be showing off pics of our new steeds......:D:D
1 - 14 of 14 Posts
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