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Hi I'm Colin, thanks for letting me join.
I own a 2016 Suzuki Bandit 1250S and i want to learn as much as i can and share what i can as well.
Hi Colin, Welcome to the Forum.
While most posters have a GSXS1000S or F here; many have multiple bikes of different makes in the shed or may have had a Bandit in their past.
Their like the Dog's flea's - there are everywhere due to their long build history.

Personally, I had a metallic Red B1200, a British racing green B1200, deep blue 1250S, black 1250S, and a black /white GSX650F junior Bandit.
Currently Suzi Aust. has a deal on your black bike and the metallic red Bandit 1250S.

Thought's of a red one to sit beside the red/black GSXS1000 Naked come and mostly go, as the memories of trying to make the Bandit into a GSXS flash back.
Something you may notice here, is that the more Red the colour, faster it goes, so your Bandit needs some red rim stickers!
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