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Hello everyone,

First post here. This is my 22 GSX-S. I bought it last August from a very kind dealer in NY State called Arkport Cycles. Then it was shipped to my home. It has nearly 1,700 miles. Yeah, I really love this bike. I've been riding for four years and have had three motorcycles, but I'm going to keep this one long term. Head over heels for this motorcycle šŸ˜and always feel overwhelmed with gratitude to own this machine.

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Arkoort Cycles sounds familiar.
We used to live near Batavia. Grew up there.
Riding to Niagara Falls & the Black North up on lake Ontario for their awesome food....miss it!
Sweet bike, I feel the same way, LOVE these bikes. Definitely a keeper!
1 - 1 of 8 Posts