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Do you like my Ohlins steering damper + custom kit?

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I don't think this bike needs a damper, but nice work!. If you are getting bar shakes at speed its usually caused by too stiff front suspension, especially for lighter riders. The factory fork preload setting is WAY too stiff for anyone under 200 lbs. Before investing in an overpriced steering damper put a ziptie around one fork leg and ride a few days. My guess is if you are getting shakes you are not using half of the suspension travel because the preload is to much. That ziptie is your friend ;) I am 170 lbs and was getting bar shakes over 100 mph. Dropped the preload from stock 2 1/2 lins ahowing to 3 1/2 lines showing and no more drama at speed. Bars are rock solid. Front end feels much more planted yet still turns beautifully.
I'll try this. I got a very scary death wobble a few weeks ago going from like 130 mph to 140 mph.
I'm 140 lbs. The bike was checked by a mechanic and nothing was found wrong with the bike. This never happened with the oem rear shock or the K-Tech RCU Razor upgrade.
Can you please explain to me how to drop the preload to my weight? Thanks. (y)
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