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So the time is nearing, spoke with my dealer yesterday and he's saying the bikes will be on the showroom floors soon.

Which brings me to my question. I won't be able to demo one, I need a no b.s. opinion of the stock suspension for this bike. I'm not expecting phenomenal but that's not to say mediocre will make me happy.

Keep in mind my current ride is a Gixxer 750 '14. Group rides are rather (spirited) in pace :/

I realize the GSX 1K isn't for setting land speed records. But I do like those fast sweepers, and have access to them daily if I choose. Does the suspension need work?.

For those technically into suspension, I'm 210 lbs. with gear on.

Any other comments about the bikes performance wise are also welcome. Would love to hear what everyone thinks about there's so far.

Appreciate it guys and gals,
Let'er rip :D
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