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Pictures/reviews of exhaust on the GT

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I am looking at purchasing a full system. After seeing the images on some vendor sites, I am concerned with fitment on the GT+
I contacted [email protected] as they have full systems listed for the GT. They said that they have not tested with the panniers installed and cannot say that their exhausts will fit. They have a few that look like they would work. I may go with the header and mid pipe, keeping the stock muffler. This may be too loud for me though.
Wish the testing would have been done with the panniers or if the vendors would use the stock location of the muffler. I do not have my bags from Suzuki yet...

Anyone have any pictures of their GT with aftermarket exhaust/panniers? I have seen the Moore Mafia video with the Brock's exhaust. Way out of my price range.

Thanks in advance.
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Yea, therein lies the problem: balance of the bikes qualities. It will need a db killer and a tune. Otherwise, the low end is really absent. Or, keep the SET valve on the new pipe. Either way, it’s always going to be trade offs.
you are right but / and on my previous GSXS I went too far. She sounded amazing and loads of power but it got moved too far in the rev range and I ended up not enjoying the bike on day to day rides. I sold her and basically started over while hoping to have learned a bit of something.
Again you are not completely wrong 👍
Or, cut the little pipe holding the SET and get it welded to a new link pipe. No tune, and no loss of low end torque.
Paul is definitely someone who loves to put down any other opinions on exhausts that are not Lextek and now they have told him after all this time, they have no plans to offer the resonated low mount exhaust they made for his.
21 - 23 of 23 Posts