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Puig Sport Screen

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Just mounted the Puig sport screen in smoke. I'll take her out for a ride in a bit and see how it works out but I expect it's what I'm looking for. Update to follow.


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Took a 60 mile ride with the new windscreen. I like it. Less turbulence at highway and highly illegal speeds. Noise is similar but might be a hair less. Looks good too.
Where did you buy your screen? I was literally looking at getting one today and found your thread, perfect timing. Less turbulence sounds good, can you compare how much lower the wind hits you compared to the stock windscreen? Or, maybe, can you measure the length of the Puig?

Also, how was the install? Did you have to pull out the rubber grommets, or was it literally just a swap with the stock one?

I'm also looking at their Touring screen as an option, but I think that one only raises the wind impact "a few centimeters"... so probably an inch. I'm not sure that is any better, though it may still be cleaner air.
I had no issue pulling the grommets out. # stayed in the bike and one came out with the screen. Just gently pulled the 3 out by hand.
Thank you for the detailed replies, I didn't realize Puig had that before/after slider on their site, that's pretty helpful. Ok, I'm gonna try the sports screen, I do like how it looks and if it smooths out the air, then even better. I still may try the Puig Touring screen later too (after summer is over), maybe the cleaner and slightly higher air would still be an improvement over stock.
Good deal I enjoy my puig touring immensely myself
Could you summarize the difference you feel with the wind, versus the stock shield? Smoother and slightly higher, or is there more to it?
1 - 3 of 10 Posts