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I finally got around to replacing my rear axle nut. The user manual describes the specd rear axle nut to be replaced each time it is removed (which is like telling someone to replace the crush washer for each oil change). I never liked that the rear axle nut was grinding into the rear axle (removing metal) so I replaced it with a different Suzuki rear axle nut (Part 09141-25001 used on a number of pre-2008 bikes like my 2003 SV1000).
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The new nut uses a cotter pin for security so I also drilled holes through the axle. Thankfully a friend had a nice drill press and offered to help.
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Installed, torqued and clipped using the spring clip (from KurveyGirl dot com). Added safety wire so the clip won't go missing.

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Nice and clean mod and work. I like it!
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