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2016 gsx s1000f
50% brake pads left

Since I got this bike a few months ago the rear brake has always been crunchy when i push down all the way. If I lightly touch the pedal then it smoothly applies the rear brake but if I continue to apply pressure once I reach max bottom it starts to crunch and clack at the rear caliper area almost as if something is about to fall off.

I have checked it many times but I dont notice anything loose on the hardware. The pads themselves are a little loose i see I guess?

Is this normal for the rear brakes?

I was having a similar popping sound that could almost be described as a crunch in the front as well but its only when I really apply strong pressure and its typically only one loud clack. After researching online I have deduced this is the nature of the brembo floating brake system or whatever. Does that sound right? Are the rear simply the same but way more crunchy?

Sorry to ask so many noob questions. I was a long time cruiser rider and this new sports bike performance lifestyle has completely changed my experience. For the good:) But i'm learning.
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