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Rear cushion rod (dog bone) length of GSX-S1000 platform

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Does anyone know the exact length of the rear cushion rod in GSX-S1000 platform? (eye to eye length)
I plan on raising the rear ride height of my Katana without fiddling with the shock length.

L7 GSXR has it's stock length at 142 mm. (part 8)
Font Engineering Parallel Art Auto part

The parts catalogue shows that GSXS is fitted with a different part 😕
Font Auto part Parallel Engineering Diagram

Yoshimura sells different length rods for GSXR at : Yoshimura product site : GSX-R1000(17-22)/GSX-R1000R(17-22) - ROD REAR CUSHION
I want to buy an adjustable link like this: GSXR1000 Adjustable Raising or Lowering Link 2009-2023 Pro-tek Suzuki GSXR-1000 | eBay with a range of 133mm - 159mm (eye to eye)

Just wondering if the length range is good enough for GSXS
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Nice, I am getting one too! Would like to raise the rear just a bit as well.
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I received the links as well, but it looks like the link is almost the same length as the OEM one at its shortest setting. @k2t2 - you are right the jam nuts have to be a bit thinner and the srew has to be machined off a bit. But the max it can adjust is maybe another 5-10mm - which should help adjust the rear height by about 10-20mm. If the link goes any shorter, it will probably hit the OEM exhaust tray. I am holding off for now until I can get the thinner jam nuts sourced.
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I thought about the GSXR link plates too, but they interfere with the exhaust support rod at the point where the bottom of the shock is connected. I looked around for other adjustable plates , but no luck. If you do not have the exhaust support rod (if you have after market exhaust) - the GSXR link plates are definitely worth it. This way you can use the link for its intended purpose - to lower the rear since the GSXR plates will raise the rear shock by about 10mm - which should translate to a 20mm increase in seat height.
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