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So, after riding the bike for a year now, it looks like I'll keep this one for bit! :) I think it's time to start modding the bike now! Mostly for even more powwa. :) Header, ECU, etc.

Anyways, I don't like our digital tach. I am used to precisely shift with analog tach. I think it's hard to shift at precise rpm with our tach and simultaneously look ahead ... for a thing called safety. Furthermore, looking at a tach on a bike this powerful sounds like looking for trouble. So, I think this is a good enough excuse (to myself) to look into a shift light now. :) I could have looked into an analog tach, but I think I prefer to spend toward the shift light option.

I found an interesting product online that can be configured through Bluetooth (android only, sadly not iphone compatible :( ). It has 3 different configurable rpm thresholds, controllable color/flash rate, this is exactly what I need to keep my eyes on the road and shift exactly at the rpm I want/need to!

Healtech Electronics Shift Light Pro

What do you guys think? Anyone tried such product or have any other suggestions? Unfortunately, I haven't found any ECU mod or O2 wideband gauge (2 of my other TODO mods) that would also give me a shift light.
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