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Won a mildly rear ended '16 Candy Red bike in NC last week, brought it back to FL and it after a quick safety check, started up instantly. Needed a new taillight, tail tip trim piece, undertail plastic. My coworker is on his second GSXS1K so I had to do it and tho I already have and will keep my SV650, this thing is a monster!

If anyone knows of someone in the Raleigh, NC area who got rear ended somewhat recently, id love to find the story on the bike, its in great shape other than frame scratches from im guessing previous owner changing the shock and having the tail rub the frame in that area, I discovered it has a home depot(read not oem) bolt in the shocks top mount (even though the stock shock is in place, figured it got swapped out before heading to the auction). The oil is red, other than redline, dont know any red oil, also had new michelin road 5s and a PUIG screen.

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