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Suzuki GSXS1000 First Modifications?

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Suzuki GSR1000 First Modifications?

Once you take delivery of your Suzuki GSR1000, what modifications do you think you'll be doing as your first modifications.
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the fender needs to be adressed, I think I'd like clubmans, sets may need to be altered as well..
I'm thinking a fender and a windscreen. Things other than that I'll have to wait and see till I get some more time with bike. Can't say what i want to change if I don't know what it is in the first place.
Thats why Im interested in clubmans and sets, hopefully if I can tip the ergos far enough forward I might not need a screen to make the buffeting manageable...
Thats why Im interested in clubmans and sets, hopefully if I can tip the ergos far enough forward I might not need a screen to make the buffeting manageable...
I wish you the best of luck with that. I'll be interested to know if its possible to get the ergos forward enough to not need a windscreen. You'll have to report back.
Hopefully a windscreen won't be needed, don't like how most of them look, if you can do without one... great!
If you dont like wind buffeting, buy a fully faired bike or buy a cage. Dramatically changing the ergonomics on a naked to make it more 'sports like', to me seems stupid, you may aswelll buy a supersport.
been keeping an eye on these guys
Evotech Performance Suzuki GSX S1000 | Conquest CarbonConquest Carbon

my plan is to do the tail tidy right away as i hate the huge back end it comes with from the factory and it doesn't effect the running of the bike in any way. After that i plan on spending some time properly running her in and getting the suspension setup correctly specifically for me. I plan on keeping this one for a while so will be insuring she is well looked after.

depending on how she sounds and after she has been fully run in i may then address the exhaust with a simple slip-on I am after a nice sound but not to loud this time i kind of think my current bike is just a little too loud. will be looking for something road legal and nice looking rather than performance and super loud.

depending on the brakes i might also swap out the brake lines as from experience the extra hoses lengths on the abs models do tend to allow for a bigger difference. However if the brakes are fine i will probably only do this after a year or so when i would normally swap out the brake lines. Usually i can get this done easily when they service the bike and do the fluid change. I have to be a little cartful with the warantee here in norway they do tend to look for excuses to get out of sorting issues if you go crazy with the mods.

the final mod i am considering will again depend on how the bike performs but from previous experience with the GSR range( 600 and newer 750) i might end up upgrading the headlights as they have been less than impressive out of the factory and i do like to be able to see more than 1 candle power over the front mud guard. However having said that this will very much depend on how the headlight works you never know i might be surprised :)
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My modifications, license plate holder, complete exhaust AKRA, power commander, small wind screen, various paint to blue, rims, seat cover,pirelli diablo tires (standaard Dunflops)
footsteps and handcrips powdercoating Black.
After riding in I will change exhaust, probably Yoshimura, Acropovic

Other mirrors
GPS holder

Maybe decalls in the weels
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Good call on crash guards, those are a must.
cheap insurance right their :D
After run in, I'm gonna get the suspension set up properly, fit a steering damper and tail tidy, also look into getting a set of swing-arm, fork and frame sliders.
My immediate plans for the 'F' will be:

1) tail tidy
2) LED indicators and SS relay
3) crash protection (probably R&G aero but will consider others if they look OK)
4) mirror extenders (if needed)
5) suspension setup at a local specialist
6) rear seat cowl (including removal of the rear pegs if possible)

1) and 2) will most likely be moved over from my CB as I have good quality kit already on it. The tail tidy may need a bit of adaption, but shouldn't present too much of a problem. I'll also get the fitting kit so I can use my Abba stand (great bit of kit)

Then, in no particular order, I'll probably look at:

Dynojet Power Commander or Fuel Commander
End can (Yoshi GP looks sweet) and possibly decat if required
Heated grips
Headlight upgrade (may look at LED, but will probably stick with uprated halogen)
Anything else that takes my fancy!
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Mine is delivered. I had some replacement mirrors and they are pretty good with her.
Carbon fueltank protector in place
Mine is delivered. I had some replacement mirrors and they are pretty good with her.
Carbon fueltank protector in place
Pictures please! congrats on the new bike too
Having finally seen the F version in the flesh I really don't like the front indicators so my plan is to either find something smaller and better looking to replace them with or i may even blank them off and use mirrors with inbuilt indicators. Need to check out the leagal side and insure this is ok in Norway first.
I'm going to replace the indicators on my F as I don't like them either... and that's just from the pictures! The plan is to move them over from my CB, but if they don't look right either, then mirrors with I built indicators is a great plan!


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Ok due to waiting so long for my GSX-S1000F I got board and have been buying some stuff. Here is what is now sitting in my garage waiting for the bike to join it.

1x tail tidy
1x mini numberplate light
2x mini LED indicators
2x mirrors with included LED indicators
1x two way alarm
2x red devil eye with white angel eyes 6000k HID
2x white LED Daylight running light kit

Waiting for the bike to decide on GSX-S1000 wheel sticker kit.
will decide on the slipon exhaust will also have to save for this one :)
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first changes will be

- PCv
- suspension adjustments
- steel brake lines
- levers
- new mirrors
- corbin seat for the lady for long rides
- steering damper when a good one is available
First thing done- heated grips. R and g ones work great. Second suspension adjustment. Back to standard manual settings - was way out when I got the bike.

Third thing - ride it!! Put in fuel - ride again - repeat etc etc.
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