I am listing 2 items today, throttlemeister bar ends and t rex frame sliders for 16-20 gsxs, may work on the new ones I dont know havnt looked to see if they are covered at the bolt locations or not. I paid 160 for the sliders (I paid a little premium as I am the only one with these non engraving sliders) I requested them and they had them made for me.

I am only listing these because I am hoping to score the new gsxs1000 sliders from Suzuki (like 300-400 bucks) on new ride. so wont need these I think. The bar ends, the new gsxs1000 has cruise control so wont need a throttle lock anymore, these arefricken awesome for bikes they weight like 1 pound a piece I feel like. Super heavy duty, these are the heavy weighted version, pretty sure I paid like 180-200 for them.

I cant compare prices though as it appears throttlemeister didnt make it through covid, shame. I had a set of these on every bike ive ever owned. I just dont need a throttle lock on the new bike. I am also posting pics of the throttle bar ends and sliders with the add

I am choosing 100 though, because im going to be losing 7% due to tax, and 20 bucks from shipping. so I will be walking out with like 70-75 bucks a piece. Worth it imo. Really like these items and I paid premium for them.