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I recently mounted the Yoshimura Tail Tidy and am super happy with the design and construction. But I suddenly became concerned about dirt that the rear tire kicks up and can sand blast the tail light lens and rear cowling paint. This happened on my VFR800.

So I took the stock fender kit and cut it just above the metal bracket for the round reflectors (which you need to be 100% street legal here in USA). A hacksaw blade with duct tape wrapped around one end for grip worked quick and easy.

This assembly simply mounted onto the 2 lower license plate bolts. No drilling.

NOTE: I did slightly bend/twist the thin metal reflectors bracket by sticking it in a vise and just twisting it with pliers, so the angle of the fender was more accurate...otherwise the fender wants to point almost straight down.

The end result looks clean and sleek and my "crew" gave it a 2 thumbs up. lol. Sure, it won't stop everything but it sure will get most of the roost from that monster rear tire.


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