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VD GSX-S1000 Video Test

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VD asks, whats it like to live with the GSXS1000 on clogged UK roads?

The answer:

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VD asks, whats it like to live with the GSXS1000 on clogged UK roads?

The answer:
He REALLY whines about that throttle. Hopefully someone will find an aftermarket fix.
who asked Simon Pegg anyway :laugh: hahaha
when i road tested one i had it in 2nd for 30 and it seemed okay, it is a fast naked, if you want a commuter get the new bandit instead.
When I took the demo bike out I had no problems keeping at 30, 40 and 50 in the posted limits.... also had no problem taking off like a scalded cat once passed the GLF signs >:D

I've already spoken to DynoJet and both their Power Commander V and Fuel Commander are both still under development for the GSX-S. I have a PCV on the CB, and will think about something for the GSX-S as its almost certainly going to be tuned for emissions and economy and I'm not buying it for that :D
It's the way you do it !

I think he's going a bit OTT on this. When I test rode the bike, about 15 mins into the ride, I went through a VERY busy town. Rather than going on and off the throttle, I was slipping the clutch - did not cause me any issues, I just realised the biked is very eager and found using the clutch a better solution than on-off the throttle. Have to say, enjoyed blipping the throttle, just to listen to the engine through the airbox !

It would probably be good for Suzuki to put their power options/modes on the bike, then you can select a much milder power with a much gentler throttle when in town. However, I suspect they didn't have that in time for the launch, and wanted the bike out to market. Probably will come in with V2 of the bike in a couple of years I guess.

Once power commander comes out for the bike, if I hear it's a major benefit, I'll go for it. Just as long as it doesn't tame the beast !
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This all seems so familiar. Read up on the 2006 FZ1 some time. This was the first year of the second gen and was fuel injected. It had horrible throttle snap issues. Everyone blamed fuel cut programming but European bikes and almost all cars don't have these problems. I just can't understand what is so hard for Japanese bike makers with regards to throttle response.
The throttle is not really an issue, just think about all the ECU reflashes that people have done on bikes to change or fix things:

Change fuel mapping
Lower Fan Temps
Reduce Engine Braking
Smoothing throttle opening/closing
Timing Retard
Turn off factory error codes

Once this bike is released, someone will open up that ECU and start working on it. Then if you have a good knowledgeable tuner close by (within a few hundred miles), you should be able to get everything done without a Piggyback system like PCV or Bazazz.
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My Tuono V4 had a snatchy throttle around town at 30, and the gearing was a bit out, 2nd felt too high and jerky 3rd felt to low and juddery. The common fix was to drop a tooth on the front sprocket and hey presto the bike rides great, so what if you loose a bit of top end, your never gonna be up there using that anyway and flying starts from the lights were wicked, I think the guy is finding fault for faults sake. Just learn the character of the bike and ride the thing.
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