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Nice write up. This is my first Suzuki, so I have nothing to compare it with. I looked at a BMW RT, but around here they aren't even close to the same price point. For the price point, there was nothing close around here. I bought mine at a multi manufactures bike dealer. I looked at the bike I bought last Sept, and the sales man (Friend I've known for yrs) told me they don't have a market for this bike, as they cater to the sport bike crowd (He implied the GSX S1000GT came with their shipment of GSXR's) and they sell Honda Goldwings to the touring customers. He told me to come back after the first of the year. My OTD price was less than sticker on Feb 2023
My first ride on mine was just under 200 miles and I was in agony by the time I got home. Second ride was 125 miles (With a larger windshield) and didn't feel nearly as bad, I think a set of offset risers will help a bunch. Maybe a seat too. But Iam 70 and have been riding big touring bikes for the last 15 yrs, just was needing a lighter bike.
So far, Iam enjoying the bike, the QS is the cats azz, haven't wound the motor past 6K, but sure Iam going to like it!
The info screen is sharp, the MySpin app is........well, no need to get into that. But it sure is a shame that Google maps/Waze will not work with it
The only issue I have with the bike is being a 2022 and NOT have self-cancelling turn signals, but Iam sure I can get over it :)
I’ve never had a bike with canceling turn signals.
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