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What was the number one reason you bought a Gsxs?

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For me it was the engine. I wanted to see what the legendary K5 was all about even though this one has steel valves and milder cams and peak power is at a lower rpm.

It was what was the big deal about the long stroke engine? I have a 16 unfaired version and yes the engine is the best thing about it if a inline 4 is what you want. It even has more of a old school sound.
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I occasionally ride my pals Superduke 1290 , spent a few hours on the Tuono & Triumph very kindly gave me the best part of 3 hours testing the Speed Triple RR & RS - The build quality , components & Power of these bikes is something i appreciate.

I couldn't stand the GSXS when i 1st rode it , to the point where i had to change the awful rear shock & make braking upgrades. If it works for you then sweet , I'm not in my 40's+ yet so for me i like the exhilarating speed & more importantly getting there ! me I dont want to make any changes to a bike aside from aesthetics & engine tuning (euro 4/5 omitting - within reason).

I've actually been commuting on the rsv4 :ROFLMAO: :LOL: :ROFLMAO: :LOL: never thought i would , I personally don't find it uncomfortable at all (an hours commute into London) - I cant go from that to a GSXS , i'd prefer an old s1000rr , Duke 1290 or Speed triple , maybe a Hypermotard or Yami Tracer 900gt (if i'm being as practical as i should be)

I reckon an (despite the end of line manufacturing R.i.P) old gixxer (2016+) would be a better option , probably the same price , comfortable enough (adjustable clipons could alleviate issues) & rapid
I had a test ride on the 900gt out of curiosity and it was shockingly bad.
1. Engine
2. Reliability
3. Rider comfort
4. Price
5. Looks
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